Double Bachelor's degree: Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Industrial Organization and Logistics and Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management

Objectives and competences

The general purpose of the double Degree in Engineering in Industrial Organization and Logistics and Business Administration and Management is to endow the students with management- and technical-level knowledge, skills and abilities to obtain competences:

  • To foster continuous improvement and innovation in products and services.
  • To increase competitiveness and sustainability in industrial activities.
  • To apply the most appropriate organizational models and technological processes for the company.
  • To adapt to new situations in a changing professional world.

We take a general and holistic perspective of the organization that includes any of the functional areas of the organization: production, administration, management, human resources, finance, marketing or accounting.

Our double Degree provide the student with a wide, solid and integral education, both from the technical aspects of the engineer side and from the management and administration side. 

Professional oportunities:

  • Business Management
  • Head of operations and logistics
  • Manager of multidisciplinar teams
  • Strategic planning and global markets
  • Product and Process Innovation manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Consulting, etc.

To obtain this professional profile the institution offering the degree must ensure compliance with some objectives and an acquisition of some competencies. You can find the list of competencies and objectives at the following link: TABLE OF COMPETENCES and in the Business Administration and Management web page